Why Do Great Pyrenees Lean on You? – 3 Reasons They Do!

Our oldest daughter named our Great Pyrenees after her birthday month, May. As any good parent, though, one of my favorite jokes was that we should have named her…


Why Do Great Pyrenees Lean on You

From the moment she was big enough to be noticed, May always seemed to sit on our feet and lean into our legs.

After getting “bumped” for the umpteenth time, we asked around and did our research to try and figure out…

Why Do Great Pyrenees Lean on You?

Many Great Pyrenees owners, including us, feel that one of the most endearing things about this breed is their habit of leaning. While it may seem that they’re just trying to get attention, there’s actually a bit more to it than that.

For one thing, Great Pyrenees are bred to be working dogs, and leaning is one way that they can herd and exert their influence. They’re also naturally protective animals, and leaning on you is a way of bonding and claiming you as their own.

Finally, it’s simply in their nature to be affectionate creatures who enjoy being close to the people they love.

What is the primary reason why great pyrenees lean on people?

Below we explore deeper the “whats” and the “whys” of their leaning, allowing you to better understand your Great Pyrenees.

Leaning to Herd

Great Pyrenees, as a dog breed, are known for their impressive size and strength. These dogs were bred to be working dogs, helping to protect livestock from predators.

Pyrenees are extremely intelligent and have a strong instinct to protect anything they consider under their care. They are gentle giants, and their body language is one of the ways they communicate with the animals they are guarding.

Great Pyrenees will use their bodies to herd and guide the livestock they’re protecting, telling them to move away from whatever danger they may be facing.

This instinctive behavior spills over to their human companions as well. Our children complain the most about May’s leaning when they’re outside getting too far down our driveway.

She is leaning and using her body to keep our children from getting too far from the house and “herding” them back to where they belong.

Leaning to Bond

The Great Pyrenees is a gentle giant of a dog, known for being loyal and protective. Many owners find out after they bring their puppy home that these dogs are also affectionate and bond quickly.

Due to their size, they may not be the most cuddly dog breed. However, they will show their affection in other ways, like leaning against you or resting their head on your lap.

Our Pyrenees LOVES to be pet. If you’re not fast enough to pet her, she will initiate the contact on her own and lean into your legs.

That physical touch signals to her that she is a part of our family.

Leaning for Attention

Many Great Pyrenees say that their dogs lean on them just because they’re looking for attention.

Petting them or even playing with them for a few minutes might be enough to get them to stop. You can also try ignoring their behavior altogether and trying to get their attention on something else.

Personally, we find it easier to give our Pyrenees the attention she’s looking for rather than trying to “shoo” her away.

Benefits of Leaning: Affection and Stress Relief

There are many benefits to having your Great Pyrenees lean on you, including feelings of affection and stress relief.

Pyrenees are a loyal and loving breed of dog that are known for their affectionate nature and their ability to provide comfort and calm in times of stress. Having your Great Pyrenees lean on you is sure to provide you with plenty of love and kisses.

In addition to the affection they offer, Great Pyrenees are also excellent stress relievers. Their calm and gentle demeanor can help to ease tension and anxiety, making them the perfect companions for those who suffer from stress or anxiety disorders.

What are the benefits of leaning on a Great Pyrenees?

We always feel better after giving our Pyrenees some attention!

Downside of Leaning: Getting Knocked Over

One of the not-so-great downsides to a Pyrenees’ size is that when they lean, they have a lot of weight behind them.
If you’re not ready for it, this can easily knock you over, which isn’t fun for anyone involved.

If your Great Pyrenees’ leaning is more frustrating than fun, there are a few things you can try to get them to stop.

First, try to keep them from leaning on you in the first place by teaching them not to jump up on people. You can also provide them with a comfortable place to lay that’s low to the ground, like a pillow or bean bag chair.

Leaning isn’t always fun and games, but with enough persistence, you can train your Pyrenees to lean less.

What are the benefits of leaning on a Great Pyrenees?

To summarize, it’s clear that the Great Pyrenees has a number of reasons for leaning on their owners. They may be seeking attention, looking for bond, or trying to communicate something.

Whatever the reason that your Pyrenees is leaning, it’s evident that they love to be close to their owners!

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