Are Great Pyrenees Good House Dogs? It’s Tricky…

As you may have guessed already from our website, we think that Great Pyrenees are awesome!

However, we also know that a Pyrenees isn’t always the best fit for some families.

Are Great Pyrenees Good House Dogs

If you live in an apartment or on a small city lot, you are probably wondering…

Are Great Pyrenees Good House Dogs?

Speaking solely from our personal experience, we don’t feel that Great Pyrenees are good house dogs. Almost every family we know that owns a Pyrenees has one to be a “working dog,” meaning they guard and protect their livestock.

The families we know with Pyrenees, but without chickens or cattle, have a lot of space for their dog to run and play outside.

Pyrenees need plenty of exercise to keep them healthy and well-behaved, which most people are not able to provide if their dog lives inside all of the time.

But, if you’re determined to keep your Great Pyrenees inside most of the day, there are a few qualities about the breed that should help them adapt to living inside.

Reasons Your Great Pyrenees May Enjoy Living Inside

Your Great Pyrenees may enjoy living inside for a number of reasons.

They Sleep A TON – One of the things you’ll find about owning a Great Pyrenees is that they love to sleep – sometimes napping up to four times a day!

While this may sound like a lot, it’s actually not unusual for large breeds like the Pyrenees to sleep more than smaller breeds. There are plenty of benefits to all that shut-eye, but the one major downside is that it’s likely your Pyrenees will be awake for most of the night.

They LOVE Their “Pack” – Great Pyrenees are quite calm for such big dogs, and they love their families!

For this reason, they make great family pets, as they are patient and good with children. Being inside may mean that they get to spend more time with the people they love most!

They Need Shade – Although Great Pyrenees enjoy the outdoors, they also need cool, shady places to spend the day to prevent overheating.

If your home doesn’t have enough shade to keep your Pyrenees cool on those hot summer days, you may want to keep them inside in the A/C!

Reasons Your Great Pyrenees Will Not Like Living Inside

From our experience, here are a few reasons your Pyrenees would rather live outside.

They Are Too Big – Great Pyrenees are known as “gentle giants,” and they’ve earned that nickname for a reason! They need room to stretch their legs since most Pyrenees are 80-120 pounds and stand up to 32 inches tall.

Unless you have a large, open home, a big backyard is probably the better choice for a Great Pyrenees. This will ensure that they have enough space to run and play without fear of breaking something.

They Can’t Explore – If your Great Pyrenees lives inside most of the day, they won’t get to explore as much as their breed needs. Pyrenees were bred to protect livestock and often walk two to three miles each night as they protect their homes and yards.

If they’re cooped up all day and night, they won’t be able to release enough energy. This can cause behavioral problems, including but not limited to destroyed furniture and chewed-up clothes.

They May Cause Too Much Frustration – A Great Pyrenees is a beautiful but frustrating dog to have to live mostly inside the house. They are prone to barking, chewing, and shedding all over the place.

Their constant need for attention, and the extra upkeep to keep your home clean, can be exhausting for Pyrenees owners.

They Can’t Protect – Things that go “bump” in the night typically live outside. Unfortunately, your Great Pyrenees will be awake most of the night and will bark to let you know they hear every single one.

Pyrenees are bred to be nighttime guardians, and if they feel like they can’t properly investigate their concerns they won’t be happy. Your dog is likely to be more anxious and irritable than they typically would be if they lived mostly outside.

Are Great Pyrenees Good Inside Dogs?

A Great Pyrenees is a great choice for many families, but if you’re looking for a dog to cuddle up with on the couch, you might want to keep looking.

Pyrenees typically aren’t good inside dogs – they’re better off living mostly outside instead of cooped up inside all the time.

Great Pyrenees are happiest when they have plenty of space to run and play. Personally, we think new potential owners should have at least half an acre to let their Pyrenees roam.

Is a Great Pyrenees Right for You?

A Great Pyrenees may or may not be the right dog for you depending on your lifestyle and ability to provide them with the outside time and exercise they need.

If you are prepared to commit to providing them with daily walks, runs, or hikes, then a Great Pyrenees could be a perfect addition to your family!

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