Are Great Pyrenees Good Apartment Dogs? Read This First!


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering getting a new dog – and the Great Pyrenees is a great dog breed!

However, if you live in an apartment you’re aware of your home limitations, especially with a larger dog breed. So, in this article, we are going to dig into why (or why not) Great Pyrenees are good apartment dogs.

Are Great Pyrenees Good Apartment Dogs?

I know we’ll probably get some hate mail for this, but it’s our opinion that Great Pyrenees are not good apartment dogs. This is primarily because they require a lot of space to run and be active.

Having your own yard makes it A LOT easier to make sure your Pyrenees is a healthy, happy dog.

Great Pyrenees are also known for being very vocal dogs. This means that they will bark a lot, which can be disruptive to your neighbors in an apartment complex.

If you’re determined that you still want to try owning a Great Pyrenees in an apartment, I’ve broken out some points to consider before taking the leap.

Are Great Pyrenees Too Big for Apartments?

Great Pyrenees are a majestic breed of dog, but their size makes them WAY TOO BIG for apartment dwellers.

Male Pyrenees can weigh up to 150 pounds and stand as tall as 32 inches at the shoulder. For most people, that’s too much dog for a small apartment.

Their large size also means they’ll need more outdoor space than a normal dog. If your apartment complex does have a dog run, chances are that the run isn’t large enough for your Pyrenees to really enjoy it.

Personally, we recommend that people have at least a half-acre lot for their Great Pyrenees to roam and enjoy.

Do Great Pyrenees Shed Too Much for Apartments?

Again, this is a personal opinion, but Great Pyrenees really aren’t made to be primarily indoor dogs.

Why? They shed A LOT. Like, a lot a lot.

If you’re not prepared to deal with dog hair on your furniture, clothes, and basically everywhere else, then you shouldn’t get a Great Pyrenees if you can’t keep them mostly outside.

Also, unlike most breeds, a Pyrenees shedding isn’t a seasonal issue. They shed all year long!

This isn’t always a dealbreaker for some people. If you’re ok with their shedding, just make sure you have a fresh lint roller handy!

Do Great Pyrenees Bark Too Much for Apartments?

Great Pyrenees are bred to be very protective, making them great options for livestock guardian dogs. However, that protectiveness also makes them very vocal, which can be a problem for apartment dwellers.

Pyrenees are typically more active at night and they will bark at anything they perceive as a threat, including strangers, other animals, and even loud noises. This constant barking can be very disruptive to your neighbors and cause problems with your landlord.

If you’re considering getting a Great Pyrenees, be sure to have a good Plan B for dealing with your dog’s barking.

Can Great Pyrenees Get Enough Exercise in an Apartment?

A Great Pyrenees can get enough exercise in an apartment, but you’ll need to be willing to go on some LOOOONG walks with them. Pyrenees are really built for life in the great outdoors.

If you have the choice to find a home with more outdoor space, they’ll be much happier (and probably healthier) if they can run and roam freely.

Pyrenees that live in apartments and homes on small lots can also be perfectly healthy, but just be prepared to give them plenty of love and attention!

In conclusion, Great Pyrenees are not good apartment dogs. They are too large and require too much exercise. They are also very vocal, which can be a problem in an apartment setting.

If you are looking for a dog that will do well in an apartment, you should probably consider another breed.

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