How Fast Does a Great Pyrenees Puppy Grow? Find Out Here!

Great Pyrenees puppies are awesome! They’re cute, playful, energetic, and…


How Fast Does a Great Pyrenees Puppy Grow

Any large breed puppy will grow quickly, but what we want to know is…

How Fast Does a Great Pyrenees Puppy Grow?

Compared to smaller dogs, a Pyrenees puppy grows VERY fast, gaining about two pounds a week for their first six months.

Starting out, when your new Great Pyrenees puppy is ready to come home, they will already be about 12 to 15 pounds (about the size of a large house cat).

By the time they’re three months old, your Pyrenees puppy will already be 30-40 pounds and four inches taller than when they first came home.

From here, their growth rate will be different depending on if they’re a male or female. At six months, females with smaller parents will probably only be about 45 pounds. Males from larger parents will likely be pushing 70 pounds.

By the time of your Great Pyrenees’ first birthday, your dog will be fairly close to full grown with their height. At this point, they will continue adding on weight as their body mass increases. You’ll notice the changes as your skinny puppy becomes a hefty adult dog.

If your family is anything like ours, you’ll enjoy every stage of development!

Our oldest child was so excited when we got our Pyrenees that she said, “A Pyrenees puppy is like a big, fluffy cloud that you can take home with you!”

How Big Do Great Pyrenees Get?

Great Pyrenees are gentle giants and will typically weigh between 100 and 120 pounds once they’re fully grown.

As far as height, your Pyrenees will stand up to 32 inches tall at their shoulder and will stand as tall as a full-grown human when up on their rear legs.

Don’t let their large size fool you, though, as they are loyal, protective dogs that make great family pets.

How Long Does It Take for Great Pyrenees To Be Fully Grown?

A Great Pyrenees can take up to two years to be fully grown. Most of that growth from birthday #1 to birthday #2 will be adding muscle and body mass.

The biggest Great Pyrenees can weigh up to 150 pounds when fully grown! They are a large breed of dog, and their size can be intimidating to some people.

Great Pyrenees Growth Spurts

We noticed our Pyrenees had growth spurts around month #4, month #6, and a final one just before her first birthday. Even between growth spurts, however, it seemed like she had gotten a little bigger every morning.

To keep your Great Pyrenees puppy healthy, especially during these growth spurts, make sure they have ready access to enough puppy food specifically made for large-breed dogs.

All told, don’t let their size intimidate you, as your Great Pyrenees puppy’s love and affection for your family will grow just fast as their body does.

They may be big dogs, but they have the biggest hearts!

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