8 Q&A’s on Why Your Great Pyrenees Is Eating Chickens!

If you have chickens, you probably got your Great Pyrenees to be a livestock guardian dog. These dogs are known for their protective nature and will often stand guard over their flock of animals.

In some cases, unfortunately, your Great Pyrenees will be a bigger danger to your chickens than the predators they are supposed to be protecting them from. Sometimes, that even includes killing and eating your chickens.

So, what do you do? Do you need to get a new dog? Is there any way to rehab them?

great pyrenees is eating chickens

Below, based on our experience and the experience of our Pyrenees-owning friends, we answer the top eight questions owners have about their Great Pyrenees killing and eating chickens.

Why Is My Great Pyrenees Eating Chickens?

While most Great Pyrenees make wonderful chicken guardians, some will catch and eat chickens. Actually, one of the most common problems with Pyrenees is that eat chickens. There are several reasons why this may happen.

One reason could be that the dog is simply trying to establish dominance. By refusing your correction and training, they are asserting their authority and desire to be the pack leader.

Another possibility is that your dog is hungry. If you’ve recently changed dog foods, they may not like the new food and could be looking for something else to eat.

On the same note, if you feed your Pyrenees around your chickens, it’s possible that the chickens are eating the dog food. Your Pyrenees may feel threatened and forced to kill chickens to stop them from eating their food.

If your Great Pyrenees is eating chickens, there are several things you can do to discourage him from doing so.

How Do I Break My Great Pyrenees To Stop Killing Chickens?

A fair amount of Pyrenees owners have the problem of their dogs eating their chickens. This is not only a problem because it can ruin the relationship between the dog and the chicken owner, but also because it can be dangerous for the dog.

To begin, you need to make sure that you keep your chickens in a safe place where the dog cannot get to them. This may include keeping them in a run for the time being or locking the dog up in a separate area where the chickens don’t go.

Second, when you have time to train them, take your Pyrenees into the chicken area. While in there, show your dog that chickens are off-limits.

This includes both verbal commands and using a switch with a flag attached to the end. Hit the flag on the ground in front of your dog when they seem interested in the chickens, even if they don’t seem aggressive towards them.

Next, give your dog positive reinforcement when they don’t go after a chicken. Continue the training sessions until you feel that your dog has improved enough to stay with the chickens again.

Keep these visits brief and watch from afar. Increase the duration of these times as your Pyrenees shows improvement. Also, make sure they’re well fed before each time with the chickens.

If the above still doesn’t work, you may need to find a way to keep your dogs away from your chickens altogether. They may still be able to guard by walking the exterior of the chicken fence or run instead of being inside with them.

Do I Have To Get Rid of My Pyrenees if They Kill a Chicken?

No, you do not have to get rid of your Pyrenees if they kill a chicken. It’s normal to feel responsible for letting it happen, but it’s not the end of the world.

Most Pyrenees will kill a chicken or two, either on accident or intentionally, as they learn how to guard livestock.

After the incident, you should keep a close eye on your dog when they are outside and follow the steps above to stop them from killing any other chickens.

Why Is My Great Pyrenees Killing Chickens?

It’s likely that they see the chickens as either a play toy or a meal. No matter what your Pyrenees is thinking when they chase the chickens, their seemingly innocent actions lead to serious injuries and/or death for the birds.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Great Pyrenees are still puppies until they’re about two years old. They may be too rambunctious or energetic around the chickens, which could lead to disaster.

One way to help keep your chickens safe is to make sure your dog has plenty of toys and exercise separate from the chickens.

If they’re bored, they may start looking for something else to play with, and the chickens might not be safe.

Are Some Chickens Better at Defending Themselves Against Great Pyrenees?

If your chickens are true free-range chickens, the older birds will be better to train your Pyrenees with than young chicks.

Train Your Great Pyrenees to Guard Chickens

Chickens that are at least a few months old can fly and hide from predators much better than chicks.

Also, an aggressive rooster can help discourage your Pyrenees puppy from going at the chickens.

At What Age Do Great Pyrenees Stop Killing Chickens?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different dogs will exhibit different behaviors as they age. Some Great Pyrenees may start killing chickens at a young age, while others may never show an inclination to hurt poultry.

On the safe side, your Pyrenees should be a minimum of six months old before any unsupervised time with the chickens. Only do this if they’ve shown no aggression towards your chickens.

If they’ve killed chickens already, you may need to postpone that time until they’re two years old. After that age, you may need to consider getting a new Pyrenees if they’re still attacking chickens.

Is a Male or Female Pyrenees Less Likely To Kill Chickens?

There is no difference between male and female Pyrenees and their likelihood to kill chickens.

However, some owners believe that female Pyrenees are less likely to kill chickens than their male counterparts. This belief is based on the theory that female dogs are more maternal and nurturing than male dogs.

These instincts should make them less likely to attack poultry, but that’s not always the case. So far, our female Pyrenees has killed three chicks on accident and two ducks on purpose.

Will Great Pyrenees Also Kill Ducks or Geese?

Yes, they could also kill ducks and geese if they have killed chickens. As we stated above, ours has killed two of our ducks intentionally.

Great Pyrenees are very smart and will act in an unpredictable manner when given the opportunity. They can be fine 99 times, but on that 100th time, they’ll surprise you and do something that you’d never expect.

You’ll need to watch them with any livestock that is smaller than them.

In conclusion, even if your Great Pyrenees is killing and eating chickens, they can still become a successful livestock guardian dog with some training and adjustments.

With the right tools and resources, you can help them overcome this obstacle and turn them into a great protector for your farm animals!

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