Do Great Pyrenees Like To Sleep Outside? Don’t Guess!

Many new owners wonder if their Great Pyrenees like to sleep outside. The answer is a resounding yes!

Not only do they love sleeping outside, but they thrive on it! In fact, even if you provide them with a designated spot outside to sleep, they will usually find their own.

Do Great Pyrenees Like To Sleep Outside

Even with a dog house, our Great Pyrenees LOVES sleeping on the lawn near our chicken coop or under our back deck.

Although Great Pyrenees enjoy sleeping outside, there are still a few things you should consider as a responsible owner. Below we cover those items in a little more detail.

Sleeping Outside in Cold Weather

If you decide to let your Great Pyrenees sleep outside, be sure to provide adequate shelter from the cold weather. This may include a doghouse, straw bedding, and/or plenty of warm blankets.

Personally, we’ve found that our Pyrenees prefers open-air sleeping until about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Any colder than that, and she likes to snuggle into her doghouse with the blankets and towels we’ve provided for her.

What may seem too cold for an owner is surprisingly very comfortable for a Great Pyrenees as they are an arctic breed. Their coat is thick and they have a double-layer undercoat to keep them warm in almost any weather!

If the temperature lows are single digits or lower, you may want to find a heated area for them to spend the night or make sure their doghouse is properly insulated.

Sleeping Outside in the Rain and Snow

For most Great Pyrenees, the snow is “snow” problem – they love it! However, rain is a different story.

In warmer weather, the rain isn’t a big deal and will just make them uncomfortable. Saying that, though, you should ALWAYS have a protected area for them to retreat to in order to stay dry.

The Great Pyrenees is a working dog that is bred to live in a mountainous climate. They are used as livestock guardians and are known to patrol and guard against predators – no matter the weather.

They are also known for their extreme weather tolerance. As a responsible owner, though, it’s important to keep an eye on the sky and take appropriate steps to make sure your Great Pyrenees stays comfortable.

Outdoor Safety

When we got our Great Pyrenees, the breeder was very thorough with their instructions. We had never owned this breed before, so there were many quirks to take note of.

Before leaving with our new Great Pyrenees puppy, we were told –

“The best way to keep your Great Pyrenees safe when outdoors is to always be aware of their surroundings.”

While that’s true of any dog, it’s especially true with Pyrenees. At night time, they could walk MILES during their guard patrol.

In a nicely fenced-off yard, they’ll never be more than a couple of hundred feet from your back door.

If you live on an open lot, that could be many blocks away.

Left to its own devices, your Great Pyrenees is liable to walk along the road, following the scent trail of the last animal that walked through earlier in the day. Your dog could get hit by a car or turned around and lost.

Make sure that your yard is Pyrenees friendly before leaving them out all night.

After reading all that, if you’d prefer to have your Great Pyrenees sleep inside, we’ve got a couple of tips to try and help.

How to Get My Great Pyrenees to Sleep Inside

There are a few things you can do to help your Great Pyrenees to accept sleeping inside.

One is to create a comfortable space for them inside, such as with a dog bed and some soft blankets.

You can also try training your dog to go into their crate or bed at night using positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise.

Finally, make sure your dog has plenty of exercise during the day so they’re tired enough to sleep at night.

It will take some practice and follow-through, but you should be able to help your Great Pyrenees make the transition if you’d rather them sleep inside.

Great Pyrenees are definitely outdoor dogs and love to sleep outside, but it is important to make sure they have a place to sleep and are safe from the elements.

Providing them with a doghouse or some other form of shelter is essential, and keeping an eye on them during bad weather is crucial.

By following these tips, you can help ensure your Great Pyrenees has a happy, healthy outdoor lifestyle.

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