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From hundreds of acres on a farm to a fenced-in backyard in a suburb, Great Pyrenees make great pets!

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Great Pyrenees Activity

Why is my Great Pyrenees acting the way it is? What can I expect when I bring my Pyrenees home?

These are just some of the questions we answer about Great Pyrenees as a breed. For new owners, some of their actions and activities can be confusing and worrisome if they don’t know what to expect.

Rather than go it alone, read up on some of their unique personality quirks from the options below!

Great Pyrenees Facts

Looking for more general information on Great Pyrenees?

These guides will answer your questions about Pyrenees that are a little more miscellaneous and random. If you’re a fan of the “genus” category in Trivial Pursuit, this is the area for you!

Great Pyrenees Livestock Guarding

This is the area we first looked into when we were considering a Great Pyrenees. We had chickens, rabbits and goats we were looking to have guarded against predators and wanted a breed that was known for their livestock guarding ability.

Although we don’t have large livestock, we have friends that have used Great Pyrenees for decades to protect their cattle and sheep.

When we don’t have the answer personally, we are able to seek their advice and provide the best information possible.

Check out our livestock guides below!

Great Pyrenees and Other Pets

Have a cat that you hope will get along with your new Pyrenees?

Looking to add another dog to your pack and curious if your Pyrenees will get along with them?

Great Pyrenees can be fickle at times and it’s not always guaranteed that your Pyrenees will get along with other pets.

If you’re looking to take the plunge into multiple pets, we cover a variety of topics and questions to ask to make sure all of your animals get along!

Great Pyrenees Protectiveness

Great Pyrenees are known for being very protective of their pack and herd, but just how protective are they? If you have small children, should you be concerned?

Although May, our Pyrenees, is not aggressive, it doesn’t mean all Pyrenees are that way.

In this topic, we explore things you should be aware of before introducing a Great Pyrenees into your home.

Great Pyrenees Puppies & Playtime

New puppies are great, but they’re also exhausting! Before taking the plunge into Great Pyrenees ownership, we highly recommended that you read up as much as possible before bringing them home!

In this topic, we cover everything about Pyrenees puppies and how to enhance their playtime.

From good to bad, we go over what to expect from Day #1!

Great Pyrenees Training

If this is your first Great Pyrenees, be ready for some of the most frustrating dog training you’ve ever been a part of!

Although calm and gentle, Pyrenees are incredibly stubborn and independent (or at least ours was!)

In this section, we share our trials and successes with training our Pyrenees. We also give you some training insights from our friends who have owned several Great Pyrenees.

From one frustrated trainer to another – good luck!

Great Pyrenees and Weather

Is it too hot outside for my Pyrenees? Maybe too cold? Or too wet?

For all weather extremes, as a responsible Great Pyrenees owner, there are steps you should take to make sure your Pyrenees is happy and healthy.

In this topic, we let you know what the limit is of the Great Pyrenees and how to keep them safe outside!


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